Winnipeg, Canada foursome Lost Weekend's jaunty electro-pop was born on the unfinished 11th floor of their hometown's Commodities and Exchange Building, where the band began writing and rehearsals in 2010. It was there that guitarist/vocalist Matt Worobec, keyboardist Zack Antel, bassist Jason Pankratz and drummer Luke Janzen honed their mélange of New Wave, 90s alt and modern glossy production sensibilities into the feverishly joyful style of their self-titled debut EP. The resulting collection is a celebration of the essentials of quality, radiant pop, filled with emotional peaks and valleys.

Lost Weekend have fashioned an EP with producer Zach Heilgeman (Foster The People) that captures the mercurial moods of the music they grew up listening to in a distinctly contemporary sound. Emerging from the studio with three tight tracks, packed with riffs and aimed square into listeners' guts, this is shaping up to be the year Lost Weekend gets under your skin and stays there.